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Transform your workforce and your company

Our Experts

A key asset of

  • Keynote Speakers at the Leading Industry and Business Conferences around the world

  • Policy-Makers and working with regulators around the globe, incl. FCC, OFCOM

  • Deeply involved in 5G R&D Projects with early Trials

  • Deeply involved in 5G Trials Testing, being recognized trustworthy experts by many operators around the globe

  • Posses tens of patents within fields that are relevant to 5G

  • Being Fellows or Senior IEEE Members contributing to the Engineering Community

  • With Big Heart and Passion for Teaching!

"Excellent use of my time. Perfect split between technology and its business applications"

Florian Hartmann, Director Service Providers, Cisco

"One of the best highly practical courses I have taken to date. It takes a relatively boring topic and keeps you engaged with the exciting opportunities we will have with increased bandwidth and low latency.”

Christopher Williamson –RF Engineer, Sprint

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