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An Interview with Roger Nichols

5G Program Manager, Keysight Technologies

Q: What is the Next100 Program about? How is it important for Keysight?

Roger Nichols: "The Next100 Program is about a technology business training process to bring more people in Keysight up to speed about the wireless business in general and more specifically about 5G and the opportunities it has. Part of building that credibility is training the team so that they understand how to speak more the customer’s language and think about the proper ecosystem.

Q: How did you find the cooperation with

Roger Nichols: "There’s always a risk of dealing with a startup company. There’s a degree of unpredictability, a degree of issues with experience and even infrastructure that may or may not exist. To some extent, though, that is a significant advantage. We actually found the flexibility was very easy to work with. They were extremely flexible in terms of how we were going to implement our system and deal with licensing. They were also connected to the right people so that we had the right kind of trainers and the right kinds of subjects. 

Q: Talking about trainers, what is your feedback about them?

Roger Nichols: „The trainers for mere were of significant value because they represent two things that I think are really critical. Number one is that both trainers with whom I have the most direct experience were very experienced in the market itself. They had commercial experience as entrepreneurs working for big companies as well as small companies very directly in the telecommunications industry. The second thing that’s really important for a trainer to be good is an understanding of pedagogy and the process of learning. They use that to present material so that it lands and finds a home in the brains of the learners in multiple ways. The high-caliber trainers we dealt with had both the experience and pedagogical passion.”

Q: The next thing is the learning platform and the user experience that is provided by What is your take on that? 

Roger Nichols: So I came into this environment being very Sceptical of the MOOK the massive online course thing.  However, from a professional standpoint the opportunity to come into the program take a 20 minute section and have it divided up in a section that you can easily segment then go back and relearn turns out to be super important, particularly for those of us who are doing this as part of the job, not our full-time job and the uh tool worked really well for that and uh we have a couple of pieces of feedback we gave to, they worked on those right away and I’m sure the tool continued to improve but I’m now much more of a convert on the online course concept than I was before.

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5G Training Program for Keysight Technologies

Lessons Learned and Feedback.

Recent Feedback

“Excellent use of my time. Perfect split between technology and its business applications.”

Florian Hartmann, Director Service Providers, Cisco

 "The best 5G training course available nowadays! Great trainer, Great course, Great quality! The course presented by trainer Emil Olbrich provides a huge amount of knowledge for 5G research and standardization in a very understandable way. Perfectly structured and organized slides with the high quality of explanations. This course put us into deep dive to 5G technology and provide deep understanding from Radio part (NR) to next-generation core (NGC). Fantastic explanation of use cases, NR, RAN, Core architecture and interoperability between 4G(LTE/LTE-A/LTE-APro) and 5G. Highly recommend this course!"

Nuriddin Gadoaliev, RF Engineer, Huawei

Part of the advantage of working with as a startup is that agile mentality. You can go develop and iterate, but the key question is the go. We needed to start by offering some development, some feedback, and make some changes.”

Leslie Camino-Markowitz, Director, Corporate Learning Development, Keysight

"Very Good Technical Coverage. Great job in covering all technical aspects of the 5G world and how the standardization is and will shape the future."

Steven Licari, Principle Member of Technical Staff at Verizon

"Excellent coverage and insights on IoT and 5G. The "Internet of Things in 5G" course was very effective and provided good insights on the evolution path, current status and futuristic perspectives of IoT/5G including good pointers to standards and industry use cases. Wonderfully delivered by Prof. Mischa Dohler with some research and analyzed data perspective."

Anish Khadgi, Senior Software Engineer, Cisco