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    Basic Understanding on LTE and WiFi Networks

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This course covers technical, practical and business related aspects of private wireless networks in unlicensed and lightly licensed frequency bands. Radio standards such as MulteFire, LAA, LWA and private LTE are described and compared with traditional standards (Wi-Fi) on a level that is easy to grasp.

The target audience for this course is decision makers, strategists, analysts, technicians, CxOs, ISPs, MNOs, MSOs, system integrators and anyone else who wants to better understand the practical and technical differences between Wi-Fi and LTE or just get an overview of the business potential in private LTE networks.

  • Session 1 – Unlicensed spectrum and the basic concepts (2 hours)

  • Session 2: Unlicensed spectrum uncovered (2 hours)

  • Session 3: LTE in lightly licensed and unlicensed bands (2 hours)

  • Session 4: Private LTE and its go to market models and challenges (2 hours)

Oscar Bexell

Subject Matter Expert in the area where Wi-Fi meets cellular networks. 20 years theoretical, practical and business related experience from all flavors of Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, LoRa, network architectures, asset tracking, access networks, spectrum and regulatory questions, FWA, IP networking, teaching and cultural interaction.

Oscar has always combined teaching and lecturing with practical work in labs and customer networks. He is always striving to understand everything he works with in detail and he has worked with everything from product development, system integration, mast climbing, troubleshooting, presales management and course delivery in the area of LTE, Wi-Fi, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Internet of Things, and Network Management Systems.

Oscar currently holds a position as IoT Solution Architect at Atea Innovation which is the leading IT consultancy company in the Nordics. His day job is to help enterprises, municipalities and large industry corporations to save time, money and environment with Internet of Things applications.

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Oscar Bexell

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    Yes! It is a one-time payment, and covers all program features and benefits.

  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay by credit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer. For the latter one - you need to request bank account details from by sending an email to: [email protected].

  • Are there any group discounts available?

    Yes! Please tell us a little bit more about your needs and a potential number of participants and we are willing to come up with a proposal. Email us at: [email protected].

  • What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

    You should be familiar with wireless technologies in general and ideally with LTE.

  • Are there scholarships available for this program?

    Not yet, but we are working on this. Please email us to [email protected] to learn more.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There is no refund option possible since once you get access to the learning platform you get access to the whole course and all the materials.

  • When does this course start / end?

    The early-bird registration is available right now. Once the course is launched you have 6 months access to the learning platform and all the course materials and online forum for Q&As. We plan to launch and provide access to the course November 1st, 2018.

Private and Enterprise Mobile Networks (WiFi vs Private LTE/5G on CBRS/licensed spectrum)

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