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This course provides technical insights into radio network planning principles for 5G systems deployments in the mid-band and mm-wave spectrum. While the primary focus is on 5G-New Radio (NR) cell coverage and capacity calculation and network design, various multi-RAT issues including Non-Standalone (NSA) deployment and NR dynamic sharing with LTE are also discussed. Assuming familiarity of the audience with 5G NR air interface the course starts with a brief review of essential 5G NR topics with a focus on physical layer channels, spectrum, and RF parameters as well as NG-RAN architectures and multi-carrier deployment options including dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS). The course then dives into the 5G RF design and planning process and calculations with a focus on system coverage and capacity objective. The concepts and detailed calculations of the downlink and uplink radio link budget are presented and used for 5G-NR coverage based planning. Capacity analysis is also addressed starting with demand projection and cell capacity estimation following by capacity based cell planning. Then using some examples the combined coverage and capacity based dimensioning process is presented and finally, some site selection and generic guidelines for RF planning tools are discussed.

5G Deployment Types, RAN Configurations, and Spectrum Options

  • Introduction to 5G Deployment Types and Primary Use Cases
  • 5G NR Bands in 3GPP and Spectrum Options
  • BS and UE Power Classes  
  • Multi-Carrier and Multi-Radio NG-RAN Configurations and LTE-NR Co-deployment Issues

Network Planning Concepts and Process

  • Design Consideration for different Deployment Types
  • Preconditions, Inputs, and Objectives of Network Planning
  • Preview of Coverage and Capacity Analysis and Planning Tools

5G Coverage and Link Budget Analysis 

  • Review of Link Budget concepts, parameters, and calculations
  • Details of Uplink budget calculations for data channels
  • Link Budget for DL Data and Control Channels and the notion of Link Balancing
  • Radio Propagation Models and Cell Range Calculations in Low/Mid-band and mmWave Spectrum
  • Example of Coverage Based Dimensioning

Demand Estimation and Capacity Analysis

  • Details of User Throughput Calculations
  • Details of Average Cell Throughput and Capacity Estimation
  • Demand Analysis and Capacity Based Dimensioning

Kamran Etemad, PhD

Senior Technology Adviser

Technology Advisory and Leadership, Advanced Wireless Technology and 4G/5G Standards Development, Standards and IP development and Patent Analysis. Advanced Technology Training and consulting.

90+ Patents in PHY and MAC Design
25+ Years of experience in telecom Industry
3GPP Delegate and Contributor

Job Roles
    Senior Advisor, FCC
    Former R&D Director, Intel
    VP of Advanced Technology and Strategy, WFI
    Executive Consultant, Sprint-Nextel
Kamran Etemad, PhD

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