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"Amazing course, very well structured, great content, great details, easy to understand.  Outstanding lecturer with great knowledge and experience provides clear explanations."

Laaziz Chettouh, Telecom Professional

"One of the best highly practical courses I have taken to date. It takes a relatively boring topic and keeps you engaged with the exciting opportunities we will have with increased bandwidth and low latency.”

Christopher Williamson – RF Engineer, Sprint

"The trainers for me were of significant value because they represent two things that I think are really critical. Number one is that both trainers with whom I have the most direct experience were very experienced in the market itself. They had commercial experience as entrepreneurs working for big companies as well as small companies very directly in the telecommunications industry. The second thing that’s really important for a trainer to be good is an understanding of pedagogy and the process of learning. They use that to present the material so that it lands and finds a home in the brains of the learners in multiple ways. The high-caliber trainers we dealt with had both the experience and pedagogical passion.”

Roger Nichols, 5G Program Manager, Keysight Technologies


Kamran Etemad, PhD

Senior Technology Adviser

Technology Advisory and Leadership, Advanced Wireless Technology and 4G/5G Standards Development, Standards and IP development and Patent Analysis. Advanced Technology Training and consulting.

90+ Patents in PHY and MAC Design
25+ Years of experience in telecom Industry
3GPP Delegate and Contributor

Job Roles
    Senior Advisor, FCC
    Former R&D Director, Intel
    VP of Advanced Technology and Strategy, WFI
    Executive Consultant, Sprint-Nextel
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Kamran Etemad, PhD

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  • Over 350+ slides and Videos

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  • Community - over 10 000 Professionals worldwide.

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The Outline

350+ Slides / Videos

1. 5G Requirements and Standardization

  • IMT-2020/5G Requirements
  • 3GPP Standardization Process and Time Lines
  • Preview of Key Design Principles and Features in NR

2. Super Quick Review of LTE

  • E-UTRAN/EPC Architecture and Protocol Architecture
  • Frame Structure, Physical Channels and Signals 
  • Resource allocation and Transmission Protocols 
  • System Access and Mobility Management 
  • Carrier Aggregation and Dual Connectivity 
  • LTE Roadmap to LTE-Advanced (Pro)

3. 5G RAN and 5G Core Network Architecture 

  • 5GC/RAN Overview
  • Overview of key Network Functions and Interfaces
  • 5G RAN Functions and Internal Architecture
  • 5G Co-deployment and Migration Options
  • Review Discussion and Comparison with LTE

4. NR Air Interface Protocol Layers

  • Overview of Control and User Plane Protocols
  • SDAP and QoS Handling
  • PDCP and Packet Duplication
  • RLC and MAC Functions
  • RRC Functions
  • NAS Signaling
  • Review Discussion and Comparison with LTE

5. NR Transmission’s Time and Frequency Structure

  • Band Dependent and Flexible Numerology 
  • Unified Frame Structure (FDD/TDD/Unlicensed)
  • Flexible Start times and Duration (Mini Slots & Slot Aggr.)

6. Physical Channels Design and Structures

  • Overview Logical, Transport and Physical Channels
  • BCH and Synchronization Signal Block (SSB)
  • PDCCH Structure and DCI Signaling 
  • PDSCH and PUSCH Structure and PHY Processing
  • PUCCH Structure and Formats
  • PRACH Structure and Formats

7. Physical Layer Reference Signals

  • DL and UL Demodulation Reference Signals (DMRS)
  • Phase Tracking Reference Signals (PT-RS)
  • Channel State Reference Signals (CSI-RS)
  • Tracking Reference Signals (T-RS)
  • Sounding Reference Signals (SRS)

8. Resource Allocation and Transmission Schemes

  • Dynamic Resources Allocation Types
  • HARQ Transmission Protocol and Feedback
  • Dynamic DL Scheduling
  • Dynamic UL Scheduling (SR/BSR/PHR) 
  • Configured Grant/SPS Scheduling 
  • Pre-emptive Scheduling
  • Reserved Resources
  • Overview of DCIs for DL and UL Allocation
  • Power Control and Timing Alignment

9. Multi-Antenna Transmissions and Beam Management

  • DL MIMO Operation 
  • Examples DL MIMO Operations
  • Single and Multi-Port Channel Sounding 
  • CSI Feedback Types and Report Configuration
  • UL MIMO Operation
  • UL MIMO Precoding 
  • Multi-Port SRS Configuration
  • Code based & Non-Code Based UL MIMO
  • Beam Management in NR
  • Analog, Digital and Hybrid Beamforming
  • Beam Establishment &  Change
  • Beam Failure Detection and Recovery
  • Review Discussion and Comparison with LTE

10. Initial Synchronization and Access in NR

  • Overview Initial Access and RRC Connection Establishment
  • DL Synchronization and Cell/Network Selection
  • RF Scanning and DL Slot Synchronization
  • Obtaining Minimum and Other System Information 
  • UL Synchronization and PRACH Procedures
  • Contention-Based and Contention Free RACH Procedures
  • Beam Sweeping & Selection in Initial Access

11. Power Saving and Mobility Management 

  • UE RRC States and Procedures 
  • Idle State Mobility and CN Based Paging
  • Inactive State Mobility and RAN Based Paging
  • RRM Measurements and Connected State Mobility
  • DRX Operation in Connected State
  • Radio Link Failure

12. Spectrum, Multicarrier Operation, and RF Requirement

  • NR-LTE Co-deployment & Coexistence 
  • NR-NR and NR-LTE Dual Connectivity 
  • DL and UL sharing
  • Supplemental Uplink
  • 5G/NR Spectrum Bands and Carrier Bandwidths 
  • Overview of RF Requirements

13. Quick Preview of Key upcoming NR Features 

  • NR in Unlicensed Band  (NRU)
  • Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB)
  • NR for V2X 
  • NR Positioning 
  • Remote Interference Management (RIM)
  • NR for Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)
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