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About The Course

CBRS is currently one of the biggest wireless opportunities for MNOs, MSOs, WISPs, Wi-Fi system integrators, tower companies, enterprises, venues, construction companies and industries. This course is for you who are interested in what CBRS is and how it works in practice. We cover architectures, building blocks, vendors, stakeholders and deployment/design/business models in theory as well as with practical examples.  

Course Overview

Module 1:

1. Why everyone is interested in lightly licensed spectrum

2. The CBRS and the three-tied access model

3. CBRS stake holders

4. CBRS deployment models and business models

5. Market outlook for CBRS

Module 2:

1. CBRS architecture

2. The Spectrum Access System (SAS) and Domain Proxy (DP)

3. Users of the CBRS spectrum

4. Incumbent (Tier 1) protection and ESC

5. Spectrum management example

6. CBSD classes

7. CBSD registering, assignment and grant

8. CBSD operation

9. CBSD coexistence and interference mitigation

10. EUDs and device availability

11. WInnForum Certification Programs and CPI

Module 3:

1. LTE network essentials

2. What does a 4G/5G base station look like?

3. The CBSD vendor landscape

4. Carrier sense based access vs TD-LTE

5. Example: high dense Wi-Fi vs CBRS enterprise RF designs

6. How are indoor networks designed today (RSRP vs. SINR vs. ”undisturbed”)

7. Indoor architecture examples and considerations

8. CBRS outdoor considerations

9. Private LTE/5G integrated with macro networks

10. Private LTE/5G go to market for MSOs

11. Combining CBRS with 5GHz LAA/eLAA/Wi-Fi

12. CBRS FWA link budget example

13. Internet of Things and the CBRS

14. Course summary

15. Next steps

Oscar Bexell

Learn from real Practitioners

Subject Matter Expert in the area where Wi-Fi meets cellular networks. 20 years theoretical, practical and business-related experience from all flavors of Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, LoRa, network architectures, asset tracking, access networks, spectrum and regulatory questions, FWA, IP networking, teaching, and cultural interaction.

Oscar has always combined teaching and lecturing with practical work in labs and customer networks. He is always striving to understand everything he works within detail and he has worked with everything from product development, system integration, mast climbing, troubleshooting, presales management and course delivery in the area of LTE, Wi-Fi, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Internet of Things, and Network Management Systems.

Oscar currently holds a position as IoT Solution Architect at Atea Innovation which is the leading IT consultancy company in the Nordics. His day job is to help enterprises, municipalities and large industrial corporations to save time, money and environment with the Internet of Things applications.

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