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    LTE Overview

    See prerequisites in detail.

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  • 1
    Introduction to the 5G Engineering Course
  • 2
    5G Introduction
    • Introduction to this Session
    • Your Slides - Introduction
    • 5G Overview
    • A quick question for you
    • 5G-Private Public Partnership
    • 5G High Level Requirements
    • NGMN and 5G Framework
    • 5G Technologies and Spectrum Overview
    • Chapter Recap
  • 3
    Variety of 5G Use Cases
    • Introduction to the Session about 5G Use Cases
    • Your Slides - Use Cases
    • Use Cases Overview
    • A quick question for you
    • IMT-2020 and METIS-II Use Cases
    • NGMN: 5G Whitepaper Use Cases
    • 3GPP: SMARTER Use Cases
    • 3GPP: 5G System Requirements
    • 5G Use Case Examples Technical Enablers
    • 5G Use Case Examples: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
    • 5G Use Cases – Chapter Recap
  • 4
    Standardization Progress Towards 5G
    • Introduction to the 5G Air Interface Session with learning outcomes
    • Your Slides - Standardization
    • A quick question for you
    • 3GPP Structure and Nomenclature
    • 3GPP Standardization Process
    • 3GPP 5G Introduction
    • 3GPP 5G Standarization – NR
    • 3GPP 5G Studies – NG RAN & Architecture
    • Standardization of Evolved LTE: Intro
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: NB-IoT
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: Evolved MIMO
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: Licensed Assisted Access
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: LTE-WiFi Aggregation
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: Device-to-Device
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: Vehicular-to-X
    • LTE-Advanced Pro: Enhanced Mobility FREE PREVIEW
    • 5G Standardization – Chapter Recap
  • 5
    5G Air Interface Overview
    • Introduction to the 5G Air Interface Session
    • Your Slides - 5G Air Interface
    • A quick question for you
    • 5G Spectrum Framework
    • 5G PHY Technologies: Waveforms
    • 5G Multiple-Access Schemes
    • 5G Novel RRC-State Machine
    • 5G PHY Technologies: Coding schemes
    • 5G PHY Technologies: Dynamic TDD
    • 5G Unified Air Interface Concept
    • 5G PHY Technologies: mmWave
    • 5G PHY Technologies: Massive MIMO and Dynamic Beamforming
    • 5G Air Interface – Chapter Recap
  • 6
    Software-Defined 5G Architecture
    • Introduction to the 5G Architecture Session
    • Your Slides - Architecture
    • A quick question for you
    • Network Evolution Towards 5G System
    • Flexible and Software-Based Network
    • Network Slicing
    • 5G UDN, UCN and Multi-Connectivity
    • 5G Device-to- Device and Vehicular Communications
    • 5G System Architecture by 3GPP
    • 5G QoS Framework
    • 5G Deployment Aspects
    • 5G RAN Flexible Function Splitting
    • 5G Architecture – Chapter Recap
  • 7

Trainer: Emil Olbrich

Emil Olbrich is currently President at PrimeLime, Trainer at 5G-Courses.com and also VP of Networks with Signals Research Group. Prior to this he was head of LTE research, development, test and evaluation for the Public Safety Communications Research Program where he deployed the first and most diverse Public Safety 700 MHz LTE test lab in the world with over 70 participating vendors and commercial carriers. He was responsible for the specifying, deploying and maintaining the entire ecosystem of LTE which included devices, air interface, transport, radio access network, evolved packet core, IP networking, IMS core and application servers. He also led the team efforts, which include standards work, test case development and test case execution. 

Mr. Olbrich has over 20 years of experience in the field of wireless telecommunications. He has worked primarily in R&D at some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world – such as Motorola, Qualcomm and Ericsson. His scope of work includes deploying and operating LTE infrastructure (RAN, EPC and IMS) from numerous Tier 1 vendors; testing new LTE mobile devices from multiple suppliers; testing, deploying and operating some of the first commercial CDMA networks; serving as Lead Project engineer for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and as the Project Manager for the China Ministry of Information Industry 3G testing in China; and supporting the early development of HDR (EV-DO and EV-DO Rev A). 

Trainer: Emil Olbrich

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  • The best 5G training course available nowadays!!!

    By Nuriddin Gadoaliev

    Great trainer, Great course, Great quality! The course presented by trainer Emil Olbrich provides a huge amount of knowledge for 5G research and standardi...

    Read More

    Great trainer, Great course, Great quality! The course presented by trainer Emil Olbrich provides a huge amount of knowledge for 5G research and standardization in a very understandable way. Perfectly structured and organized slides with the high quality of explanations. This course put us into deep dive to 5G technology and provide deep understanding from Radio part (NR) to next-generation core (NGC). Fantastic explanation of use cases, NR, RAN, Core architecture and interoperability between 4G(LTE/LTE-A/LTE-APro) and 5G. Highly recommend this course!!!

    Read Less
  • Very good technical coverage

    By Steven Licari

    Great job in covering all technical aspects of the 5G world and how the standardization is and will shape the future.

    Great job in covering all technical aspects of the 5G world and how the standardization is and will shape the future.

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