Launching 5th piano album + new 5G work? Prof. Mischa Dohler delivered his keynote this week at OFC2017 in Las Angeles on Internet of Skills – Where Communications, Robotics and AI meet. What we could learn is that today’s internet, accessed by fixed and mobile networks, allows us to transmit files, voice and video across the planet. With the emergence of an ultra-responsive and reliable ‘Tactile Internet,’ advanced techniques in robotics and artificial intelligence, we predict the emergence of an ‘Internet of Skills’ which allows the transmission of labor globally. It will invoke an important shift from content-delivery to skillset-delivery networks, where engineers would service cars or surgeons performing critical operations anywhere on the planet. For this to work, however, we require some fundamental laws of physics to be “reengineered.”

Stay tuned – we should post the entire keynote somewhere soon. (Update: Here is a  full plenary Keynote “Internet of Skills” by Prof Mischa Dohler ot OFC 2017).

Prof. Mischa Dohler is author and trainer behind the Internet of Things in 5G online coursewhich covers strategy, technology and business. The course is built on Prof. Mischa Dohler teaching, research and innovation experience; and it includes some completely unpublished behind-the-scenes material. You can check the content HERE or register for a free trial.

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