As promised on our previous blog post What do a piano, VR, optical comms and 5G have in common? we do let you experience something pretty unique: a technology keynote on 5G, Tactile Internet and next generation optical networks with 2 onstage 5G live demos + launch of the piano music album. Enjoy!

“Speaking in front of thousands of people was the smallest of all risks! So many things could have gone wrong with the live demos or the piano performance — but it didn’t and I enjoyed that specific keynote a lot” – says Prof. Mischa Dohler

Beside, here is an a quick interview with Prof. Mischa Dohler and the OFC 2017 Plenary wrap-up:


Prof. Mischa Dohler is author and trainer behind the Internet of Things in 5G online coursewhich covers strategy, technology and business. The course is built on Prof. Mischa Dohler teaching, research and innovation experience; and it includes some completely unpublished behind-the-scenes material. You can check the content HERE or register for a free trial.

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