Prof. Mischa Dohler walks us through the LPWAN Pioneers and Market Leaders, such as: SigFox (market leader), LoRa (formerly Cycleo, acquired by Semtech), Ingenu(formerly On-Ramp) and Neul (acquired by Huawei, now NB-IoT in 3GPP).

This video is part of the over 16-hour long certified online course entitled Internet of Things in 5G. You can register now.  The course explains in great details the trade-offs between cellular IoT and emerging low power wider area networking technologies (Sigfox/Lora/etc); it explains the advantages of cellular and gives technical details on Release 13 of NB-IoT, LTE-M and EC-GSM. Also, Prof. Mischa Dohler explains some of the untold and behind-the-scene facts on IoT.

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