Internet of Things in 5G Course – selected activities

Here is a trial version of the Internet of Things in 5G course to invite in our IoT and 5G journey led by Prof. Mischa Dohler.   

Instructed by: Prof. Mischa Dohler . in: ,


This is a trial version of the Internet of Things in 5G online course led by Prof. Mischa Dohler. This course gives you access to selected activities from the paid course. The aim here is to provide you tangible feeling about the format of course and to meet closer how Prof. Mischa Dohler provides his unique knowledge and insights.

Here is a list of activities that are openly available in this trial (you need to signed-up to get access): 

The full version of the course gives you:

  • deep understanding of the IoT ecosystem 
  • be aware of the device technology roadmap
  • appreciation of the pros & cons of wireless tech
  • in-depth knowledge of IoT capabilities 
  • knowledge of value chain and demand/supply
  • awareness of issues around IoT data 
  • ability to put knowledge into practice

To get access to the full version of the IoT in 5G course, please go HERE to request team or corporate license, please contact us




Prof. Mischa Dohler

Trainer & Professor King's College London, Fellow IEEE & RSA, Cofounder Worldsensing

Mischa Dohler is full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is the Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, co-founder of the pioneering smart city company Worldsensing, Fellow of the IEEE and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence.

He is a frequent keynote, panel and tutorial speaker, and has received numerous awards. He has pioneered several research fields, contributed to numerous wireless broadband, IoT/M2M and cyber security standards, holds a dozen patents, organized and chaired numerous conferences, was the Editor-in-Chief of two journals, has more than 200 publications, and authored several books. He has a citation h-index of 43.

He acts as policy, technology and entrepreneurship adviser, examples being Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, David Willetts’ 8 Great Technology Fund, Regulator Ofcom, UK Ministries, EPSRC ICT Strategy Advisory Team, European Commission, Tech London Advocate, ISO Smart City working group, and various start-ups.

He is also an entrepreneur, composer & pianist, and fluent in 6 languages. He has talked at TEDx. He had coverage by national and international TV & radio, and his contributions have featured on the BBC and the Wall Street Journal.


Internet of Things in 5G Course – selected activities

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