Meet 5G-Courses at 5G World Summit

5G-Courses partners and exhibits with one of the leading 5G conference worldwide – 5G World Summit that is held in London next week. Hear from over 150 thought-provoking speakers on hot topics including: 5G in practice, 5G ready networks, Network slicing, Next-gen services and IoT. During 5G World Summit, 5G-Courses plans to announce: New trainers […]

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The current state of 5G – interview with Prof. Mischa Dohler

In this interview, conducted in London during the Wireless Global Congress, Prof. Mischa Dohler discusses: What are your thoughts on the current state of 5G, as well as its future potential? Where do you think Spectrum falls on the list of challenges facing 5G? What do you expect will be consumers’ response to 5G? …. […]

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Coming from a wired broadband background it was a challenge for me to lead our product push into wireless. I took it as my responsibility to build my own knowledge bank for setting up a full service 4G/5G mobility and fixed wireless product vertical within the organization.

Why did you select Towards 5G Training Course? – Interview

Short interview with Osman Nasir, Product Manager at C-BOR Broadband Australia who is one of the course participant of “Towards 5G – Research and Standardization” course and Piotr Pietrzyk, CEO and Founder of 1. Hello Osman, could you first introduce yourself a little bit, what you do and what kind of business you operate […]

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5G Market Update & 5G Design and Test Challenges

Researchers and engineers are quickly moving forward designing and testing new 5G technologies and concepts. Achieving the ultra-broadband, low latency and massive machine type communications of the future will require new designs and test methodologies far more complex than previously seen. The 5G Innovation Summit is 1-day event that brings together key researchers and engineers, […]

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OFC 2017 Plenary Keynote “Internet of Skills” by Prof Mischa Dohler

As promised on our previous blog post What do a piano, VR, optical comms and 5G have in common? we do let you experience something pretty unique: a technology keynote on 5G, Tactile Internet and next generation optical networks with 2 onstage 5G live demos + launch of the piano music album. Enjoy! “Speaking in front of thousands […]

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What do a piano, VR, optical comms and 5G have in common? Prof. Mischa Dohler Keynote at OFC2017 in Los Angeles

Launching 5th piano album + new 5G work? Prof. Mischa Dohler delivered his keynote this week at OFC2017 in Las Angeles on Internet of Skills – Where Communications, Robotics and AI meet. What we could learn is that today’s internet, accessed by fixed and mobile networks, allows us to transmit files, voice and video across […]

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5G-Courses to chair and speak on 5G and Public Safety at IWCE 2017 in Las Vegas partners with IWCE 2017 in Las Vegas, US in its 40th anniversary edition. IWCE (International Wireless Communication Expo) is the most recognized event for wireless experts around the globe to tackle emerging technologies, including public safety and critical communication. Emil Olbrich, trainer behind the Towards 5G – Research and Standardization Course, is going to […]

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3GPP approves acceleration plan for 5G New Radio (5G NR)

This week is an important one for 5G, since 3GPP is holding a plenary meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where a major decision was taken on the 5G New Radio (NR) workplan. The group agreed to have an intermediate milestone for the early completion of the Non-standalone (NSA) 5G NR mode for the enhanced Mobile BroadBand […]

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LPWAN Pioneers and Market Leaders – Sigfox, Lora, Ingenu, NB-IoT

Prof. Mischa Dohler walks us through the LPWAN Pioneers and Market Leaders, such as: SigFox (market leader), LoRa (formerly Cycleo, acquired by Semtech), Ingenu(formerly On-Ramp) and Neul (acquired by Huawei, now NB-IoT in 3GPP). This video is part of the over 16-hour long certified online course entitled Internet of Things in 5G. You can register now.  The […]

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