Why 5G-Courses

The team is build around and driven by doers and makers of telecom and wireless ecosystem. Contrary to typical training companies, we are fully engaged in all the major steps of wireless systems evolutions, including early R&D concepts, business modelling and planning, first technology proof of concepts, standardisation and regulation as well as products commercialisation, testing and network deployments.

At the same time, the way how knowledge, experience and insights are shared, has never been more critical than nowadays. Charismatic personalities, who grab your attention, put knowledge in the right context and provide analogies, mixed with different forms of content delivery is our value proposition that we are proud to offer.

Become 5G Expert!

Meet our Trainers

Prof. Mischa Dohler

Trainer at 5G-Courses.com
Professor King's College London, Fellow IEEE & RSA, Cofounder Worldsensing

Michael Thelander

Trainer at 5G-Courses.com
CEO and Founder of Signals Research Group

Emil Olbrich

Trainer at 5G-Courses.com
Founder of PrimeLime Consulting
VP, Networks with Signals Research Group

Meet our Advisory Board

Svetlana Skvortsova

Chief Strategy Officer
Tele2 Russia

Kostas Chalkiotis

Vice President Mobile Access - Group Technology
Deutsche Telekom

Dr Michael Peeters

VP Head of Innovation Portfolio Management

Chris Hallahan

Sr. Director Sales & Ecosystems, Cloud & Networking Product Development Services

Dr Ayman Elnashar

Sr. Director - Wireless Networks, Terminals and IoT

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